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Ticket Prices**

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Adult................................ $7.00
Children 11 & under......... $5.50
Seniors over 60................ $5.75

Monday thru Thursday
2D Movies.......$5.00
(Excludes Premieres and Special Attractions)

2D Premiere Showings $7.00

**$2.00 upcharge for 3D Movies

Matinees are movies starting before 5:30 pm.
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151 Pearson Lane
Whitewater, WI  53190

The Best of Me*  
Rated PG-13     1 hr 58 min

Sunday @ (4:00) & 6:45
Monday thru Thursday @ (5:10) & 7:15

The Book of Life in 2D*  
Rated PG  1 hr 36 min

Sunday @ (3:00)
Monday thru Thursday @ (5:10)

The Book of Life in 3D*

Sunday @ 6:15
Monday thru Thursday @ 7:35

The Judge*  
Rated R      2 hr 21 min

Sunday @ (3:30) & 6:30
Monday thru Thursday @ 6:30

Ends Thursday


Gone Girl    
Rated R   2 hr 28 min

Sunday @ (3:30) & 6:30
Monday thru Thursday @ 6:30

Ends Thursday

With his wife's disappearance
having become the focus of an
intense media circus, a man
sees the spotlight turned on him
when it's suspected that he may
not be innocent.
Showtimes below are valid thru Thursday, October 23rd
Big city lawyer Hank Palmer
returns to his childhood home
where his father, the town's judge,
is suspected of murder. Hank sets
out to discover the truth and, along
the way, reconnects with his
estranged family.
A pair of former high school
sweethearts reunite after many
years when they return to visit
their small hometown.
Manolo, a young man who is
torn between fulfilling the
expectations of his family and
following his heart, embarks on
an adventure that spans three
fantastic worlds where he must
face his greatest fears.